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Markjgoodman 7 days ago

Soco Sandwich

This is one of three sandwiches I love to order from Roscoe's. Great choice. Can't go wrong.

Markjgoodman 7 days ago

Reuben "Castillo"

This is one of three sandwiches I love to order from Roscoe's. Great choice. Can't go wrong.

Rhondadoncaster 22 days ago

The Italian Job

This is hands down the very best sandwich on the planet. I have never had a sub with so much meat and cheese ever. This sandwich is a belly buster! I dont think I'd order to split...because its so delicious it will have you craving the rest of the sandwich for later. The quality of the meat and cheese mean they have more flavor than the typical Jersey Mikes or Jimmy Johns... Who dont use similar quality. The roll was perfect. Slightly crusty... the italian dressing wasnt the super heavy oily dressing. It was light and fresh. Even the pickle wedge was unique, as if it was perfected with just the proper amount of garlic. You will be stopping here more than once a week when you first find this will tell everyone you know...but kind of want this to be just your secret!

Rgonsal 23 days ago

Turkey Sandwich

Huge sandwich and damn good. You better have a big mouth to get your teeth on this sandwich and your taste buds will be rewarded.

Meganmg31 about 1 month ago

Pasta Salad

The pasta salad, potato salad and pickled eggs are so good. Perfect bar food!

Pur651 about 1 month ago

Soco Sandwich

In love with this deli!! They're food is delicious and the serving is enough for 2 people. My kids love the food as well and they get excited to come and eat here. We will be coming back!

Gmwyba about 2 months ago

Soco Sandwich

As a Fullerton resident, The Soco Sandwich has been a lunchtime staple for me for many years. With Roscoes incredible Sandwich menu, it's difficult to pick a favorite. They have amazing variety and their side dishes are just as good. They do not skimp when it comes to portion size. Expect a huge sandwich and bring your appetite!! Truly one of the best places to eat in Fullerton.

Whttrbikinvc 2 months ago

Turkey Sandwich


Matts420box 3 months ago

Silly Billy

Loved this sandwich! Piled high with two kinds of meat. Giant! The meat is lean and not fatty. All the good stuff. Try the Silly Billy with Chili!

Daniellerod3 3 months ago

Veggie Sandwich

The veggie sandwich here is out of this world! It is stacked with cheddar, provolone, and a ton of veggies. But the fresh squaw bread is where it's at! And make sure you get the coleslaw for the perfect pair.

Sandrahanson48 3 months ago

Pastrami On Rye

I usually don't get pastrami when I go out because it is a disappointment, but Roscoe's is sooooooo delicious that I can't put into words....tender, tasty and no fat. You just have to try and be amazed!

Moisesmadrid714 4 months ago

Pastrami On Rye

Mouth watering

Austin 4 months ago

Fender Club

This sandwich has to be hands down the best tasting and most satisfying creation out there. Add some potato salad and a sarsaparilla and you have yourself a damn good meal! You can't go wrong with any sandwich on the menu, but this specific one has a little bit of every taste. Eat well!

Victoriavaldes28 4 months ago

Roast Beef Sandwich

"This is the place". If you want the best Roast beef sandwich in southern california, and the live bands are "AWESOME".

Hskim1554 4 months ago

Corned Beef On Rye

In So Cal for family get-together ! Niece and family from Singapore, nephew and family from Seattle, myself and family from Michigan, and the "Basecamp" sibling who has lived in Fullerton +40 yrs! We all went to Roscoe's at different times in the last 2 weeks and the consensus is that the rest of the gang, from Norway, Korea,& Arizona, will be stopping by at Roscoe's as the new "clan-approved-sammie joint"!!

Malia 4 months ago

Turkey Sandwich

This place is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! A wide verity of main courses and sides...I really liked the fact that I can see them cutting the meat behind the register. I got the Turkey Sand it came with smoked turkey,*AMAZING* butter leaf lettuce, *FRESH* tomatoes,*JUICEY* Mayonnaise. The bread was Sourdough..*most places I go they tell me it's sourdough but it's actually white bread) You have a choice if you want it toasted or not * K recommend the toasted* The service was great and the prices were reasonable. I recommend 10/10!

S 4 months ago

Turkey Sandwich

Omg the best turkey sandwich I've ever tasted in MY LIFE. The meat in the sandwich was not dry at all and it was moist.

Dever76 5 months ago

Reuben "Castillo"

This reuben is on another level! The flavor of the corned beef & it's juiciness are outstanding! Combined with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, & not overly sweet Russian dressing, with a rye bread that doesn't bite too hard is a winning combo. The ratio of meat to bread is perfect! This sandwich is so good It might forever prevent me from trying anything else on the menu. The crispy pickles are fantastic as well!

Lettyteam7 5 months ago


This sandwich lives up to his name not only is it loaded with turkey pastrami but the freshness To every bite is the best sandwich I've ever had

Glcjordan 5 months ago

Tuna & Pickled Eggs

I went for the karaoke on Wednesday. Sommer is a good KJ, karaoke host. Junior is a friendly bartender.

Markjgoodman 7 days ago


This is one of three sandwiches I love to order from Roscoe's. Great choice. Can't go wrong.

Tpbray 15 days ago

Fender Club

A.. MA.. ZING!! im ordering for bunco Friday! I know u wont disappoint! Thx for being so good and a great place to hang out!

Markzinnel 23 days ago

Reuben "Castillo"

My go to place, my go to sandwich. Great staff, better eats. Never a better choice!

714tricia 30 days ago

Veggie Sandwich

Hands down the BEST veggie sandwich on squaw bread. Not all veggie sandwiches are equal. This sandwich had flavor and was thick. You know women love thick! :) A must try!!!

Gkuhlman about 1 month ago

Pastrami On Rye

Pastrami on Rye is my go-to here but everything is incredible. Even the sides are great - Macaroni salad is addictive. As a former New Yorker i'm a bit snobbish when it comes to delis and Roscoes never disappoints. Incredibly friendly staff as well and there is never a wait. Bring your appetite and pop in - you will leave happy and full.

Jeffkeichline about 2 months ago

Veggie Sandwich

Roscoes deli is always an easy choice whenever I'm in the area! I most recently had the VEGGIE SANDWICH with a side of potato salad and it was superb! If you're VEGETARIAN I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try this sandwich out!

Mannygomez03 2 months ago

Macaroni Salad

The BEST Macaroni Salad

Kristenkonechy 3 months ago

Roast Beef Sandwich

The roast beef sandwich was mouth watering. The pasta salad that went with it had the best flavors. Thank you for a great meal!

Fernie 3 months ago


Fantastic Sandwich The potato salad is Amazing So good

Roxymccycles 3 months ago

Veggie Sandwich

I crave this yummy stacked veggie sandwich!! Roscoe's has a great atmosphere. It is super easy, fast and an enjoyable place to have a sandwich and beer!

Norm 4 months ago

Pastrami On Rye

If pastrami is your go to, you need to go to Roscoe's! They do not disappoint.

Ethan 4 months ago

Ham Sandwich

Absolutely loved this sandwich. If you could slice nostalgia into perfection between two slices of rye, this is your sandwich. Went in expecting to bring half-home and instead went home with a full belly.

Punchi211 4 months ago

Turkey Sandwich

My daughter ate here and insisted we try it.. we did.. we loved it.. turkey sandwich was moist and tasty. Definitely going back next time we are in the area, which is hopefully real soon.

Bduff7 4 months ago

The Italian Job

Service was so awesome. Came for drinks one night and after seeing the menu I came back the next day for lunch. So good. Portions are insaneeeeee. I'll be back.

Jessicaltmarquez 4 months ago

Fender Club

This is a family favorite! When I was pregnant our drs office was down the street and we could ALWAYS come in after for this sandwich!

Minabarron77 4 months ago

Turkey Sandwich

If your looking for a quality sandwich, Roscoes is the place to go. I personally had the turkey sandwich. The sour dough bread was toasted to perfection. The sandwich came with a choice of a side. I recommend the fruit salad, which was very fresh. The atmosphere itself was very unique and fun. Indoor and outdoor seating is also included here. The service was great too. AlI would come back here any day.

Michelle 4 months ago

Veggie Sandwich

such a yummy sammich!!! : )

Wyatt 5 months ago

Tuna Sandwich

I come here to hang out for a few hours about once a week. It's a great atmosphere and has interesting, unique music and events going on all the time. They specialize in sandwiches, which are top notch. They really take pride in the art of sandwich making, rather than trying to be everything to everyone, and that focus is so refreshing. My favorite sandwich from there is the tuna, and that's really saying something because I don't like tuna at most other places. It's a very well balanced mix. They've also got large mugs for a decent selection of cold beer and friendly servers who I always enjoy seeing. They are the sort that seem to make it a point to remember your name if they see you a few times.

Singullife 5 months ago

Potato Salad

Something different than everyone else! Layers of round potato slices in rich creamy mayo sauce and just the right ingredients! This suff is good!! My favorite side with any sandwich.


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